Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.19.52 PMNo complaining here! My life has been a great journey so far. Growing up in Clearwater, Florida I developed a love for warm, sunny days, sunsets, soft, white sand and gentle surf. My mother’s love of animals coupled with my father’s love of medicine inspired me to become a veterinarian. I graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and have twenty years of practice in South Florida taking care of beloved pets. Feline medicine being my favorite.

Happily married with two young children along with practicing medicine kept me pretty busy. Yet somehow, I felt there must be more! Something else was calling me………..Then whamo……I was offered an opportunity that would change my life forever.

As with many “mid-lifers” I was feeling like life had become a little too mundane when I was approached at a pilates class about modeling. After a few weeks of consideration, I decided to test the waters. Pictures were taken, agents were obtained and I quickly found myself not only modeling but acting as well. Yes, I had caught the acting bug!

Acting for me has not only been an exciting adventure but has been a new challenge to conquer. In order to be a well rounded actor one must stay on top of current world wide events, study human nature, awaken dull senses and dedicate many years to training. In fact, I do not think you can ever stop perfecting your craft and continuing to grow. Each character played gives you another opportunity to enjoy a different “slice of life”. There are so many avenues to take such as voice, movement, hosting, ear prompter, improv and of course auditioning skills. The best part that words can not even begin to describe is how acting makes me feel. I feel so happy, euphoric, sparkling and alive, as if I am on cloud nine. If this is passion, I have found it. Eureka!

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